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100% Familie + 100% Saar + 100% Handarbeit

Who we are

Who we are

Since the 2016 Vintage our twin daughters Sarah and Nicole and our son Dennis share together with their parents the responsibility for our estate-owned wines in Filzen. We are proudly presenting to all wine lovers, our commonly produced vintages. “We noticed that we had inherited the love for wine-growing from our parents” says Dennis Schmitt has his Bachelor Degree at the University of Viniculture in Geisenheim.

100% Saar

Saar Riesling

The Riesling wines from Saar are exclusively fermented spontaneously and come over as Saar Riesling wines typic for the varietal with crisp acidity, and correspondending residual sugar. Riesling is our – and perhaps the world’s – premier white grape variety. The first documented mention of Riesling dates from the 15th century. Today, Germany is still home to more than half of the worldwide area devoted to Riesling. No other white wine can better express its origin, or “terroir.”

100% Handmade

As little as possible, as much as necessary

In close accordance with nature and without the use of chemical fertilizers and insecticides. Careful soil management, maximum harvest of 50 hl wine per hectare and the support of the useful fauna and flora are the preconditions for healthy and ripe grapes. As far as nature allows we develop our wines in spontaneous fermentation without the use of gene manipulated yeast to be filigree and elegant .