Dennis - Nicole - Sarah DNS

Our Saar DNS edition represents exquisite hand selected wines from our Devonian slate vineyards. The wines are naturally fermented without the use of industrial yeast. They are carefully stored in stainless steel barrels to protect their naturalness and aroma given through the high class Terroir.  An outstanding quality originating from a Grand Cru Vineyard.  Fernblick  simply the best, a dry style wine  best of its vintage  Zeitvertreib   the outstanding, a semi dry Saar Kabinett Lebenslust  the charming, a sweet wine Saar Kabinett  Mehrwert  the fruity Saar Spätlese, elegance par excellence
Cremant    hand made sparkling wine

Something different

Seitensprünge and Gutsweine
Our Seitensprung LABEL edition comprises hand selected and naturally fermented wines from the Mosel River

Seitensprung Weiß und Seitensprung Rosé as well as Seitensprung Rot.

The wines are also naturally fermented without the use of industrial yeast. Fine typical Saar characteristics with nice mineral substances make this wine particular.

Unsere Gutsweine

Wines from the Saar have been highly appreciated all over Europe since the 19th century. Typical wines with a smooth and remarkable acidity combined with a complex structure of sweetness and minerality. With a moderate percentage of alcohol it feels light and crisp. We made this wine to honor the classic type of Saar Wine. It perfectly goes with every barbecue and will surprise everyone. With a comfortable level of residual sugar it is suitable for all kinds of different dishes and a great experience  in the world of Saar Riesling.